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Welcome To The Website Of

Patricia Ann Daily

Hello and welcome to my little space on the world wide web.

I am delighted that somehow our paths have crossed.

Whether you arrived here intentionally, or by accident,

please feel free to browse around.

This is just a site that I created for my own personal use.

It contains links to some of the places that I frequent,

organizations that address issues that are important to me,

some basic information and photographs of myself,

and provides you with few ways to contact me.

Whatever your reason for being here,


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nov 1, 2008
ALL SAINTS DAY(abrogated because it falls on Saturday)

A Prayer for the Forgotten Dead

O merciful God, take pity on those souls who have no particular friends and intercessors to recommend them to You, who either through negligence of those who are alive or through length of time, are forgotten by all. Spare them, O Lord, and remember Your own when others forget to appeal to Your mercy. Let not the souls You have created be parted from You, their Creator. Amen.

Nov 2,2008 All Souls Day — Archaeologists find that even our earliest ancestors proved by burial rites sorrow and affection for their dear ones who died. On this day, we remember all who passed on before us and express lasting love by lighting a candle or by some other ritual.

Nov 20, Before the Feast...a time to Fast — Oxfam's "Fast for a New Harvest" encourages people to skip a meal today and donate the cost to people needing food, clean drinking water, and other essentials. Click here To Visit OXFAM

Nov 22, Feast Day of St. Cecilia — Patroness of church music and musicians, whose feast celebration dates to the 4th century. Depicted with an organ, St. Cecilia has inspired musical tributes by Purcell (“Hail, Bright Cecilia”) and Handel (“Ode on St. Cecilia Day”).

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Poverty up, income down -- except for the top 5 percent.

 "No one who works for a living should live in poverty." Senator Edward Kennedy

 "I can't stand the pompous among us who complain about welfare. The biggest welfare recipients in the United States are the richest people." – CNN's Larry King

"Despite the widespread belief that the U.S. remains a more mobile society than Europe, economists and sociologists say that in recent decades the typical child starting out in poverty in continental Europe (or in Canada) has had a better chance at prosperity." -- David Wessel, Wall Street Journal.

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Feel free to join me and my friends.